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Still unsure about massage? Read a few of our testimonies from some of our satisfied clients!

I can testify firsthand..

Having been a part of these these trips that LaLa Wellness Spa,LLC was inspired by, I can testify first hand of the peace and serenity brought on by the cool ocean breezes, the crystal clear waters, and most importantly--the special touch it was to have the owner of this company with me as I traveled the world. That specific touch is the same one I know she can and will bring to you as her clients! I have also personally enjoyed the healing touch of her hands in massage and could not ask for a better experience in mind,body, and soul.
                                                                                    -Laura Roublick

She has excellent experience and knowledge..

​​Having had neck trouble for many years and gone to Physical Therapists -Lacey has been able to help control the neck pain where no one else has been able to help. She takes her job seriously, compassionately and professional. She has excellent experience and knowledge and is able to help clients with their specific problems. Lacey is a blessing.
                                                                         -Clare Thomas

Strong, Sensitive, Intuitive 

​My husband and I visit Lacey Green about once a month for massages. Lacey is absolutely the very best massage therapist I have experienced in MS. I tried many before finding her, and I will never waste my time and money with anyone else. She is very strong, but sensitive, and very intuitive, always finding the precise pain point and fixing it. My husband does not care for massages, but now he is hooked too because Lacey will make you feel refreshed and pain free. The gym setting is not typical spa-like setting, but it actually works better for us because my husband is more comfortable with it. My mother gets regular massages, and when she is in town she insists on seeing Lacey because she is so much better than her regular therapist.

-B L Hutchinson

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