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Halotherapy is an exposure to

kinetically activated dry salt where

the micro sized particles are inhaled

while the large salt particles are

spread on top of the skin. Since dry

salt is antibacterial and super

absorbent, it actively kills bacteria

and reduces the inflammation in

respiratory systems, while widening

the airways for better breathing. This

all-natural process removes toxins

from the lungs, increases oxygen intake, and boosts energy levels.


Session times vary depending on individual treatment plans. 

Minimum 20 minute session

$40 per session


The benefits of regular Halotherapy (2-3 times a week) sessions include:

Children: Manage existing respiratory conditions, supports better breathing and builds a stronger immune system. In addition, it can help prevent the common coughs, colds, runny noses, or earaches while calming the nervous system and helping them to better focus in school and sleep better at night.

Adults: Clears and cleans airways to allow more efficient oxygen distribution and increase the elimination of the CO2 from the body. The result is more vitality and energy, relaxation, and increased ability to focus on daily tasks. In addition, it helps to breathe better by expanding the lung capacity, increasing the oxygen intake, and boosting endurance. 

Athletes & Fitness: Halotherapy helps get lungs in shape. Combined with a regular and consistent fitness routine, it helps improve respiratory efficiency by delivering more oxygen to the musculature and increasing the removal of carbon dioxide from the body. This control over the oxygen circulation gives athletes an extra competitive edge in high-performance activities. It helps you to breathe better, feel strong, and perform better. 

Endurance, Stamina, Energy: Halotherapy provides deep relaxation and stress relief, a balanced nervous system, and an improved sense of well-being when combined with Yoga or other regular fitness routines. It keeps the lungs and skin clean, boosts oxygen circulation, energizes the whole body, and enhances your mental alertness.

Respiratory Issues: Helps aid in respiratory issues and reduces the intake of medications for individuals with asthma, cystic fibrosis, COPD, allergies, sinusitis, smokers cough, or other respiratory conditions by improving oxygen circulation and increasing the overall sense of well-being, and boosting the immune system. 

Glowing & Youthful Skin: Keeps skin looking clean, young, and tight by stimulating the skin’s microcirculation and balancing the skin’s pH through dry salt, which is a great natural anti-aging substance. Massage, combined with Halotherapy, offers a unique opportunity to relax deeply, detox lungs and skin, and slow down aging by improving skin elasticity, killing bacteria, and helping manage many skin conditions.

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