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Saunas, Soaks & Steam

Steam Room: Our private one-person steam room helps detox your body. It can be used as an additional way to relax or to help in the relief of sinus issues. In addition, our chromotherapy (light) is used to help balance your body.

60 minutes = $40


Sauna Services: Our infrared Sauna is a stress-relieving treatment that you customize. It has seven different programs to choose from: Relaxation, Detox, Pain Relief, Weight-Loss, Anti-Aging, Cardio, or Quick session. You will also enjoy our Sound Therapy and Chromotherapy (light), or you can choose to login to your own Netflix, Hulu, or Social Media accounts for your own enjoyment.

30 minutes = $40

Bath Soak: Our customized, Epsom salt bath soak allows you to drift into a deep state of relaxation while it eases your tired, sore muscles. We use our customized blend of salts and your choice of aromatherapy to enhance your soaking experience.

30 minutes = $50

Mud Bath: Our mud bath is rich in minerals to assist in pain relief. It may be a new adventure for you, but the benefits are hygienic and aid in joint pain relief, stress reduction, relaxation, detoxing, and the balancing of your PH levels. 

60 minutes = $65

Milk Bath: Our luxurious milk bath uses our custom blend of goat milk, Dead Sea salts, and honey to help soothe your dry skin. With the hydrating properties of this bath, this is recommended for those with eczema, psoriasis, or those searching for increased hydration for their skin. Gentle enough for all ages. 

65 minutes = $65

The Circuit: The Experience and enjoy a taste of all the hydrotherapy services we have to offer. Our Spa attendant will guide you through a 45-60 minute circuit, alternating between hot and cold services that

leave you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and relaxed. 

60 minutes = $65

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